Wednesday 8 August 2012

Turkeys Voting for Christmas?

Of Body and Mind

It takes a healthy mind to probe the dark side of the human psyche without being overwhelmed by it. Most people would accept that a healthy body is key to a healthy mind. Diet is an important factor in this.

Weight problems can be the result of various individual circumstances, not all of which are immediately associated with diet. Such circumstances might include stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise regimen, age-induced biochemical reactions in the body. What is generally accepted however is that weight loss can only be achieved through proper diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. What role might vitamins supplements play in all of this?

Our bodies require a certain daily quotient of vitamins and minerals to function properly. We can only obtain these nutrients from the foods which we consume (or from vitamins supplements). Our bodies cannot produce these compounds on their own. They need to be sourced from somewhere.

When undergoing a slimming programme, there is always the danger that we are cutting off an important supply to the body of these key nutrients. Use of vitamins supplements are aimed at ensuring that adequate amounts of nutrients are obtained, on a daily basis, in situations where this cannot be obtained through normal, varied diet.

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