Friday 29 November 2019

Isdal Woman Day – a day to remember those whom it is hard to forget

Isdal Woman Day

– Draft Declaration –

Friday, 29 November 2019 sees the inauguration of Isdal Woman Day – a worldwide day of commemoration to remember those who died mysteriously or in disputed circumstances and especially, those who died in such circumstances that prevented identification of their remains, thus leaving their exact fates unknown.

This date has been selected because it marks the anniversary of the discovery in 1970, near Bergen in Norway, of the remains of the person who would come to be known as Isdal Woman.

The purpose of this event, which shall be an annual day of observation, is to invite people to remember those who have died in such circumstances, to highlight individual cases and encourage people to investigate, maybe even shed light on them.

The designation of this day (29 November) as Isdal Woman Day is at the instigation of members of the Facebook group, Death in Ice Valley, also the name of a podcast series dedicated to unravelling the mystery of Isdal Woman.

In addition to the case of Isdal Woman, other mysterious deaths that have left the remains of the deceased unidentified include those of:
  • Somerton Man (aka the Tamam Shud case)
  • 'Jennifer Fergate' (aka Oslo Plaza Woman)
  • 'Peter Bergman'

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